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WVAEMSP Membership

West Virginia Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals, Inc.

Join today and gain the support you need and the professional advantages you deserve!

Mission Statement - West Virginia Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals, Inc. is a professional organization of elementary/middle school principals and other qualifying administrative personnel whose purpose include the following:

  • to promote child advocacy
  • to assist members in fulfilling their professional obligations
  • to provide opportunities for cooperative study of common concern
  • to promote professional and public under standing of the educational leadership role of members
  • to promote and secure the professional rights of the members
  • to promote communication with organizations concerned with education.
Your joint WVAEMSP & NAESP Membership provides you with:

Professional Development and Networking Opportunities:

  • WVAEMSP Annual Fall Conference
  • Regional Meetings
  • Mid-Winter Conference
  • Aspiring Principals Workshop
Professional Publications:
  • WVAEMSP Newsletter, published four times a year
  • WVAEMSP Handbook
  • Legislative Updates
  • 8 Regular NAESP Publications
Legislation Your needs are represented by your Executive Director and Legislative Committee. The Committee works with local, state, and national legislators to communication your areas of concern. Meetings are held with the State Department of Education and the Governor's Committee on Education. Additionally, WVAEMSP works in coalition to ensure quality education and to oppose collective bargaining. Legal Protection Legal Assistance for Principals (LAP) is available to active members for job-related legal actions. WVAEMSP will provide up to $400 initial coverage to members for approved legal expenses plus up to an additional $1,000 for needed coverage provided by WVAEMSP/NAESP. WVAEMSP will, if requested, also provide someone to appear with members at grievance or court hearings.

Enrollment Form

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WVAEMSP/NAESP Joint Membership Categories
Active [$335] Open to those who support the objectives of the Association, pay the dues, and are employed in professsional work related to the elementary and middle school principalship. Members in this category are entitled to vote.
Institutional Active [$370] Available to all educational institutions. It includes one complete active membership for an individual and a duplicate set of member publications sent to the institution. Members in this category are entitled to vote.
Central Office [$315] Available to Central Office staff and professors of education or any non-administrators interested in elementary or middle school education or administration. Does not include legal benefits.
WVAEMSP Membership Categories
Emeritus [$20] Available to all retired WVAEMSP active members.
Aspiring [$50] Available to teachers, graduate students, counselors, and others pursuing a career as an elementary or middle level principal or assistant principal. Does not include legal benefits. (Practicing principals and assistant principals are not eligible for Aspiring Principal Membership.)

Please complete all of the following information:
Initial Application Renewal
County: Date of Birth
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Name: Position:
School/Org.: School Address:
City: State: Zip:
School Phone:
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Please select Payment Method:
Mailing Check payable to "WVAEMSP"
Address envelope to:
WVAEMSP • P.O. Box 655 • Mill Creek, WV 26280
Payroll Deduction (If available in your school system, we will send an application form for paycheck deductions.)

Please Note: WVAEMSP/NAESP dues are not deductible as a charitable expense and only 88% are deductible as business expense.

If you have any questions please call:

West Virginia Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals, Inc.
P.O. Box 655
Mill Creek, WV 26280
Fax: 304-338-4465

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